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Original Semiconductors and Parts

Original, genuine parts for vintage products are becoming exceptionally rare.  And counterfeiters have gotten into the parts market and are flooding it with poor-quality semiconductors and parts that are nothing like the originals.  Worse, an ersatz part might even irreparably damage your vintage unit if it fails or doesn’t work they way it is supposed to.  Is that a risk you are willing to take?  2SB706 and 2SD746 ouput transistors

At Pacific Stereo, this won’t ever happen.  All of the parts and semiconductors you get from me are genuine and original, unless noted.  Sometimes a part is no longer available or needs an upgrade and must be substituted.  I know how to do it and what to use.

Don’t be victimized by scammers pretending to sell original parts, and don’t risk your unit with unknown parts.  Contact me for your parts needs, and for pricing and availability.

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